Studio PAULBAUT Paul Kweton, AIA





Design Studio at UofH

Adjunct Prof. Paul Kweton

Studio Topic

H-TOWN - WHAT HAPPENS PROGRAMMATICALLY, URBANISTICALLY, SOCIALLY, ARCHITECTURALLY, AND MORPHOLOGICALLY WHEN THE ABOVE GROUND URBAN PARK MEETS THE UNDERGROUND TUNNELS AND AN OFFICE PROGRAM IS INTRODUCED TO THE MIX? The studios objective is to design a holistic, hybrid development comprised of the tunnel, the park and the office. The students are challenged to question / analyze the archetypical design of an urban park, downtown office and tunnel system and furthermore investigate and explore a new hybrid building / park / tunnel typology that offers a functional and aesthetic solution and operates as focal point, landmark and event attractor for Downtown Houston, its inhabitants and visitors. In addition the students are challenged to scrutinize the relationship of the private office program, the public park program, and the semi-public tunnel program and


University of Houston
College of Architecture and Design