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The House with No Reception



Paul Kweton,AIA


This getaway (weekend) destination celebrates remoteness and isolation from a man-made, synthetic urban environment. The House with No Reception is a place disconnected from the world wide web; it is located outside of cell phone range. Smartphones, phones, TV and radio do not function nor exist at this locale.
A destination for decoupling the mind of digital instant gratification, news, social media, blogging, vlogging and all the other trending obsessive-compulsive behaviors accelerated by smartphone technology engrained in our daily routines.
The House with No Reception is simple, possibly viewed minimalistic in contemporary western jargon. However, this house is rich; in so many ways; Generation X may remember; Millennials don-t understand. The House with No Reception offers a prosaic living experience mimicking times pre the existence of all the technology mentioned beforehand. Simplicity and lack of technology attempt to expose one-s addiction to the use of smartphones and technology alike; as well discover (again) our personal core values in life.
The House with No Reception renders residents an experience of self-awareness. Floor to ceiling glazing along the curved perimeter allows for undisturbed 360 degree views from inside to outside and outside to inside. Ultra-thin GFRC panels playfully crop the view of the sky. Residents connect visually with the surrounding nature, 24/7.
The bathroom, the only (opaque) room, forms the core and main structural roof support of the house. A small kitchenette, storage and shelving, as well as fold down bed are integrated into the core perimeter for efficiency and minimization of the footprint of the house.
The space around the core is continuous living space with no separation between cooking, sleeping, reading and sitting. A privacy curtain around the fold-down bed area is optional.
Which book are you going to take with you for the weekend?


Texas (precise location undisclosed)


320 Square Foot


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