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Daycare-at-Home App for Apple Watch



Paul Kweton
Elif Altinay

Daycare-at-Home App

The Covid_19 pandemic is changing our lives forever.
Working parents with a work-from-home (WFH) setup who are also taking care of their children are facing new challenges everyday.
This App concept for Apple Watch is the result of two very busy parents, trying to develop a visual schedule that displays recommended school acitivities and reminders for their 3-year old son throughout the day. The App functions as a tool to introduce balance and rhythm to their daily lives.

Daycare-at-Home App

The color coding of the pie-chart display shows 4 main colors. Each color represents a certain activity.

Orange is associated with food and snacks.
Pink is associated with learning activities.
Green is associated with physical activities.
Blue is associated with special family time.
Black and gray are associated with quiet time and sleep.


Video available on Youtube, click HERE

General Info

This proposed App for the Apple Watch® is a conceptual art project and not available for purchase in the App Store®. The Apple Watch product images used for this presentation were downloaded from the Marketing Resources and Identity Guidelines published here:
Studio PAULBAUT is looking for interested partners to take this concept to reality. Please contact us at for further information.