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Night & Day Watch



Paul Kweton

Night & Day Watch

How to teach kids the concept of Night and Day while also teaching them to tell the time?
That's the question we tried to answer with the Night & Day wristwatch that utilizes two dials representing night-time and daytime.
There is always day and night in a part of the world, a perpetual cycle that is experienced differently based on location. Universally speaking, day and night do not exist exclusively.
If it is day or nighttime depends on location and observation.
Imagine you are in a plane, flying high up in the sky, with unlimited fuel, and following the sun, you could experience daytime for all eternity... Time is an intriguing topic, and a wristwatch can be a beautiful tool to introduce time to children.

Case Material

Polished 3D Print, PA 2200
Selective-Laser-Sintered (SLS)

Case Color



Swiss Quartz Movement

Watch Band Material


General Info

The watch is a conceptual project and not available for sale. Studio PAULBAUT is looking for interested partners in the watch industry to take this concept to reality. Please contact us at for further information.